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Following is a small selection of comments about Jeff, largely from Instagram

“Jeff was definitely taken way too soon and will be missed by so many. But most definitely won’t be forgotten. Sending positive vibes and light during difficult this time.” -

-Melinda F.


“At a time when there are no right words to say. Nothing can even come close to placating this wound. I’m blessed to be one of the people that got to be in his circle. I love you guys so much.”

-Shelby C.


“There are no words for how much you will be missed El Jefe. Johnny Boi reminded me and Steph that you are still around all of us because you shine too bright to fade out. I believe that.... We love you guy!” -Burns Family


“Thank you Jeff for being such a good friend to us in high school. We had some of the best times together. From Coldstone, to running around town in the big gold van, hockey games, & so much more. We are heartbroken with this news. Sending all the love to his family, gf & friends” Natalia & Michaela V

“I feel so honored that I’m running a Jeffy Angle kit on my car! Thank you jeff for everything you’ve given me and helpful tips you taught me.”

-Dru Vila


“It is with heavy hearts that we finally find the strength to post about @jeffydieselmedia who recently left this earth to go make skid marks in the promised land. We’d like to focus on his legacy and one word that comes up is passion. Jeff held within him a passion which drove him to capture media and later prompted him to build an S12 drift machine. Jeff’s car will continue to slide as he is survived by @1mst3ph who began drifting alongside him. Please take this time to remember our friend and to reflect on the seconds we have out on track before it’s time to go #jeffydieselforever”

-Drift Central Official

“Saying we miss you is an understatement. What we would give to be able to see your face again, drive with you again, work on cars with you again, or even give you one last hug… unfortunately the world isn’t a fairytale. We’re stuck with a pain that stings, but we’re still left with so much more. And that’s the love we all had once shared with this man. There will be many more drifters/videography chasers, but there will always be just 1 of you. Looking forward to seeing you in the light at the end of the tunnel. Love you Jeffy Diesel Dempler.”

-PartReapers, Tom & Veronica

“There are a thousand ways I could start this post but first I have to say we miss you @jeffydieselmedia

You had a personality that made being around you so comfortable so inviting. I was and still very am fortunate that I got to call you my friend. Thank you for accepting me the day @taxitom_is300 and I decided to give us a try. Thank you for encouraging me to not be afraid of having you chase me in the Subie back at the old DC. Thank you for encouraging me to give the competition a try at the team’s first KillAlz event. There are many who made me who I am and you are one of them even though you didn’t know it. I hope we all continue to make you proud. Love you to eternity, rest easy #killalz,  #jeffydieselforever.”


"This is just so painful, I saw him about a year and half ago. It was good to see him. Without him and you I would of never found photography, hell you guys gave me my first camera, photo shoot and lessons. As I became a better person photography was a bit part of that as I started finding the beauty in this world. I thought of you two a lot during a lot of my photography adventures. It helped change my life, so in a lot of ways you two helped my life change. I love you two both a lot !!!! Please reach out if you need anything your lady, we are all here for you !!



 “...Jeff was such a great guy and an amazing friend, and have so many great memories growing up with him. He was always looking out for his friends and family and do believe he is looking over us all. Rest in peace Jeff.



“So sorry for your loss. Jeffy will be missed and was cared for by so many people. Jeffydforever!



“I am at a loss for words I always love seeing you two have so much fun together and Jeff is such a genuine person truly one of the best I have ever met I cannot image the pain you are going through I am so so sorry…”



“RIP brotha I truly am still in shock how such a nice fun loving guy got this, you never deserved this. Love you man, steph and the family will always be watched out for."



“Our family hearts go out to u. Such a cruel scenario perpetrated by an immoral, a-hole low life. We r so sorry this happened to Jeffy, as Nathan calls this fantastic person that is no longer with us. We will keep u in our prayers…

-Davis Family


“Taken from us in an instant. I guarantee that everyone that Jeff interacted with came away thinking he was the best person ever. Always supportive and positive. Jeff had a huge influence on my life. He encouraged me to pursue CNC machining classes which got me a job that I love. Our jobs had many similarities and Jeff was always the best to talk shop with.


Jeff would always encourage me to not be scared and do the things that I wanted to do. As a kid, he taught me one of the most important lessons in my life -- one that I think about anytime I'm faced with something daunting and scary. In 2008 I was just learning to snowboard. I was improving, but too scared to get off the bunny slope. He took me on a snowboarding trip, and he lied to me that an intermediate slope was a bunny slope. When we got to the top of the mountain he said "cya!" and ripped down the slope without me. I was forced to go down, and by the time I got to the bottom, I learned more, and was having more fun than I ever had before.


Jeff lived in the moment, every moment. Encouraging me, and everyone around him to do the same. He recently got annoyed with me that I didn't want to void my car's warranty by modding it. Smiles per mile. There are so many more things that I can say. Damn fool. You are loved. You will be missed. I love you Jeff.”

-Matthew A Dempler

“Anytime I saw this man driving hisnca 18 sohc he inspired me low key.”



“(Matthew A Dempler) I remember you telling me about that snowboarding trip back in 2008. The funny thing is after that I got super stoked to get into snowboarding myself (I had just transitioned from skiing) and I've never looked back since, loving every minute of riding the mountain in a new way. I guess we truly can thank Jeff for that, for encouraging a new sense of adventure in ourselves as individuals. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers to you and your family, my childhood friend.”



“Very special man who will walk through my consciousness every single day!”



“R.I.P. to the absolute legend. Love you forever and always dude. Thank you for the laughs, the long talks, and the constant share of hospitality. There will never be another like you. #jeffydieselforever”


“I'm in a loss for words at this point in time. A 20year friendship gone in a flash. Thank you for everything you have done for me in the last 20ish years dude. We created many memories together and I will never forget them. Make sure to rip some laps up there with Lou Dawg for me. We'll meet again soon brother. And as Babe Ruth said...... "There's hero's and there's legends. Hero's get remembered, but Legends never die." And you my friend, were a LEGEND! #jeffydieselFOREVER!”



“Jeff was definitely a fuckin legend and will be missed so fuckin much.”



“We love you Jeff I'm in a loss for words such a rad humble person you were you will never be forgotten.”


“Going to miss seeing you Brotha always a good time smiling and just hanging out around you when I would stop by, love you bro keep getting sideways up there.”


"The saying goes “you never know what you’ve lost until its gone” but that saying doesn’t apply here. We all knew what we had and every moment was appreciated, cherished, and could never be forgotten. Jeff, thank you for being one of the greatest friend, teammate, son, brother, and significant other. This new reality has been a tough pill to swallow and may one day we can all come to accept it and find peace. We promise to carry on your legacy and until then, lets raise a glass. #untilwemeetagain #jeffydieselforever.”


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