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Having dealt with the immediate events following this unspeakable and senseless

tragedy I found myself quite numb and emotionally adrift. We received a great

picture of Jeff from Hollyann Fargher (Jeff's best friend Jordan's Mom). I converted

it to black and white and it moved me so much I started looking for other images

of Jeff. And others contributed and I found so much more!

Then it struck me that I wanted to share the images and videos in a meaningful way. Thus this website and the 2 videos below - one is a slideshow. The other is a mixed media (photos and videos) video. Each are about 10 minutes and have music. This whole process has been difficult emotionally but ultimately cathartic. I hope you can get a good sense of who Jeff was and is and how he positively impacted so many people. The one statement that pretty much forms the keystone of my thoughts on Jeff was handwritten one of the cards we received. It reads, "Those who live in the hearts of many, never truly die." Damn straight.

Jeff Memories Slideshow by Dad

Jeff Memories Slideshow by Dad

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Jeff Memories Video Compilation  by Dad

Jeff Memories Video Compilation by Dad

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